Automate your podcast.

Automate your post-production, promotion, website, and distribution.

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Save over 80% of post-production time.

We built the world's most advanced AI-powered tools to help you publish your episodes out to the world, and promote them like never before.

Upload your episode, and PodcastAI will take care of generating your transcript, chapters, key-points, description, title, and episode artwork.
Automatically generate video clips for the top 10 viral moments for your episode, including copy for LinkedIn, X, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Schedule your posts in seconds.
Automatically generate a full website for your show using your custom domain or subdomain. Your show website benefits from hyper-optimized SEO and world-class search.
PodcastAI hosts and serves your shows to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, X, and any other platform via feed.


Unleash the power of automated podcasting with MagicPod by PodcastAI. Transform your personal blog, corporate blog, newsletter, or favorite news sites into fully-fledged podcast episodes, all in your own voice. With seamless scheduling, MagicPod ensures your content is published exactly when you want, without any hassle.

Enjoy automatically generated show notes, chapters, episode artwork, and a stunning website with your custom domain. Plus, MagicPod distributes your podcast to top platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, making your voice heard everywhere. Experience the future of podcasting with MagicPod – your voice, automated.


We're proud to be backed by LAUNCH, the early-stage venture fund led by Jason Calacanis.

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