We're an AI-driven podcast creation platform, allowing creators and publishers to use state-of-the-art AI hosts to build content. Our goal is to revolutionize podcast production by automating the process and reducing the time and cost it takes to create an episode.

We've developed a cutting-edge system that automatically trains on past episodes, resulting in customized AI hosts that speak, sound, and look like their real-life counterparts. Our platform enables users to generate new episodes by customizing topics, timelines, and producing entire podcast scripts, dialogue audio, and video seamlessly.

Our technology not only streamlines podcast production but also opens up new creative possibilities for creators, allowing them to experiment with their content and format without the usual time and cost constraints.

PodcastAI was founded in 2023 by best friends Edward and Sean, inspired by their successful parody of the All-In Podcast. PodcastAI aims to reduce the time and cost of producing podcast episodes by up to 80%, making content creation more accessible to a wider range of creators.

Our vision is to redefine podcast creation by harnessing the power of AI, making it easier and more efficient for creators and publishers to generate stunning podcast episodes and grow their audiences.